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There is finally a date- Foreign attorneys can operate in Israel starting August ‎‎2012‎

An important update from Robus (Legal marketing) – We are happy to update that after years of waiting and debating, there is finally a set date for the activity of foreign attorneys in Israel

A few months ago we updated that foreign attorneys are finally allowed to operate in Israel (Link), after the Israeli Minister of Finance signed on an order regulating the activity of foreign lawyers in Israel, pursuant to the Foreign Lawyers Law which entered into effect in September 2011 and amended the Israel Bar Association Law

We are now pleased to update that the final approval needed- a decision about the security needed from foreign attorneys – was signed. On July 2nd, a directive from the Ministry of finance with regard to the activity of foreign attorneys was signed and published

For the warrant (currently available only in Hebrew) elaborating the different procedures and regulations, please Click Here

As for the date– the warrant will be valid 30 days from publication meaning – that starting August 2nd – foreign attorneys will be able to lawfully operate in Israel, representing clients about foreign law aspects

Robus will be more than happy to advise foreign law firms and foreign attorneys with regard to this warrant, insurance issues for foreign attorneys and so on. Among others, it should be noted that the security was set to be for 2 million NIS, the policy will include a disclosure period of 7 years, and foreign attorneys who live in Israel for the past several years, will be entitled for a reduction of the security

As always, our company will be more than happy to consult, assist and provide relevant tools to foreign law firms, as well as individual lawyers, regarding entering the Israeli market and/or operating under the new law

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