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Offbeat and unfiltered content from the legal world for law students, interns, and young lawyers.

Introducing Wello – the content platform we established for students, interns, and lawyers to help bridge knowledge gaps in the legal sector and create a community of young lawyers that is based on sharing knowledge and ideas.

What is Wello? Wello contains pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about law and the legal
sector and didn’t know to ask (or maybe you knew but preferred not to…)

What makes Wello special is its unique style and tone. The content was written for people just like you. It’s a little cynical and light-hearted, and sometimes even satirical. It’s exactly what young lawyers and law students need to feel comfortable to share their thoughts, opinions, and even their criticism.

Wello is more than just a content sharing platform. It is a vibrant community of students, interns, and young lawyers in Israel that offers a wide range of virtual and live activities, opportunities for collaborations, and even some award-winning competitions.

Robus is proud the be the company behind this exciting project that has quickly become a sensation!

Wello never rests

See something interesting, hear exciting news, uncover some fascinating info, or just feel like chatting? We’re here to listen and pass on the news when necessary.

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