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Roboost – The Robus Financial Department

In a dynamic world in which technology is changing our lives in ways we never could have imagined nor predicted, we’re here to remind law firms of the most important thing:

Performance improvement!

The financial department at Robus was established to address the growing need of law firms to become more hands-on and to start measuring their performance and output in a systemic way in order to streamline their firms’ finance management and operations and increase profits.

Roboost is proud to have worked with some of the largest law firms in Israel over the past years, and to provide financial guidance and consultations using its diverse toolkit to facilitate rapid growth.

Our expertise

Financial and economic consultancy: We perform financial analyses for law firms, looking at departments, heads of departments, partners, employees, and administrations, in accordance with performance indices and benchmarks that have been defined for the legal sector.

Merger assessments: We analyze financial data and inter-firm relations and conduct auditing processes and profitability assessments. We help define merger relations and set up the right financial mechanisms for the firms involved. We essentially support all the financial processes related to mergers in the Israeli legal sector.

To achieve its goals, the financial department performs financial analyses including auditing, and profitability assessments, and helps define merger relations and suitable financial mechanisms.

Financial services based on the Roboost Business Intelligence (BI) system. This smart, advanced system interfaces with all the operational systems that every lawyer and law firm know well (Odcanit, Mishpatit, Commit, and others), and generates valuable insights for business growth and increasing profits.

Information systems: The team at Roboost has plenty of experience with IT project management, from the specification and requirements stage, through preparing an RFP to select a supplier, to representing clients with suppliers throughout the entire lifecycle of the project.

CPA and Adv. Noam Zadok is head of Roboost. He has been working with law firms on a wide range of information and IT systems for nearly 20 years. Noam has vast experience as a CISA, systems analyst, and IT project manager.

Please visit us at the Roboost website.