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The International Department

Call it a wakeup call; call it a burst of motivation; call it what you will. We’re here to remind you of one thing. Even if your firm is thriving, your employees are happier than ever, and you have a long list of clients that would put Harvey Specter to shame (you’ve seen Suits -haven’t you?), you should always aim higher.

That’s why we founded the international department at Robus

In the past few years, we’ve worked with foreign, as well as Israeli law firms that have maximized their potential in their local markets and wanted to climb higher and reach international clients.

A huge step of this kind creates an entirely new and unfamiliar set of challenges, including cultural differences, new rules of the game, new connections that need to be formed, and more.

Our international department will help you learn all you need to know to become a major player in the international legal community.

We are in daily contact with bar associations, legal organizations, and hundreds of law firms around the world (some that have even expressed interest in expanding their activity into Israel).

We’ll help you find the international conferences you don’t want to miss, develop professional conferences and seminars of your own, build up your social media presence, and show you who’s who in the international community.

Our proven experience

The international department at Robus organized the Annual Foreign Law Firms Conference and Tel Aviv Arbitration Week, two of the largest international conferences in the legal sector, attracting hundreds of participants from Israel and aboard including some of the most reputed legal experts, legal advisors, and public opinion leaders in the legal world.

We initiated the index of foreign law firms with Dun’s 100 (by Dun & Bradstreet) in conjunction with Israel’s leading financial newspapers, and have organized dozens of conferences and events either independently or for the ICPAS, the Israeli Bar Associations, and others.

These events, as well as dozens of conferences we have contributed to in conjunction with the Bar Association and ICPAS, have made the international department at Robus a springboard for any firm interested in expanding its business overseas and especially for firms looking to enter the Israeli markets.

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