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The Human Side of Mergers

If you have read one article about mergers and acquisitions in the legal world, you might have read them all. This phenomenon is not new
Legal marketing

The Shifting Landscape of Legal Marketing: Unraveling the Impact of AI Adoption

The development of AI is as fundamental as the creation of the microprocessor, the personal computer, the Internet, and the mobile phone. It will change ...
Legal marketing

Maximizing LinkedIn for Legal Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide

LinkedIn can be a lawyer's best friend or foe, depending on how they use the fastest-growing professional social networking platform.

Annual Report 2024: International Activity in the Legal Sector in Israel – Foreign Law Firms in Israel

According to the Israeli Bar Association, Israel has nearly 90,000

Aliyah in Action: Stéphanie Benmoussa-Molkhou – A French Lawyer’s Journey in Tel Aviv

Recently, Ludivine Sellem, intern for the Tech&law Department at Robus...

Aliyah in Action: Alexander Sviridov on New Beginnings

Earlier this week, Rebeka Smolka, an intern with the international ...

Aliyah in Action: Sarah Biser on Crossing Borders, Bridging Cultures – from the U.S. to Tel Aviv

Recently, the head of the International Department at Robus, Becky ...
Legal marketing

Handbook: Becoming a Lawyer in Israel

We have done the due diligence for you on Israeli legal education and career paths, read all about it below.
Legal marketing

The necessity of networking in the legal sector

When an individual plans a career path, the main goal is success, no doubt about it. How to reach it?
Legal marketing

The race to the merger

Allen & Overy’s proposed merger with Shearman & Sterling is taking the legal world by storm, putting immense pressure on top global law firms. This ...
Legal marketing

Legal Spend Management: Unveiling its Deceptive Complexity

Although the words “legal spend management” may not seem super clear, the concept is a lot simpler than you might think.
Legal marketing

What they aren’t telling you about Mergers in the Legal sector

Mergers of law firms have grown prevalent in the legal field, with firms frequently rationalizing them by claiming to satisfy client demands for integrated worldwide ...