Michal Ashkenazi


Itamar Ronen, Adv.


Zohar Fisher, Adv.


Shira Kuris Vernik

Head of Bold! Rankings

Tali Calderon, Adv

Business development manager

Noam Zadok, CPA and Adv.

Founding partner of the Financial Department

Becky Laufer Shechter, Adv.

head of the international department

Hili Shapiro

Client Portfolio Manager

Hadar Abo, Adv.

Client Portfolio Manager

Shaked Attal

Legal Marketing Consultant

Michal Ashkenazi

Office manager

Every office has its very own Wonder Woman, and without a doubt, in our case it’s Michal – who takes our skills to the next level.
Michal is the heart of Robus. She drives us and manages the office firmly and assertively, but at the same time – while creating a peaceful, zen atmosphere that makes it a pleasure to come to work every morning.
Be sure not to let her smile mislead you… she can definitely lose her temper when needed, but we’ll leave the details for your imagination.
Michal is the person we trust to handle all the administrative issues at Robus, including business dealings with suppliers, clients, banks and institutions, integration of management and finance systems, leading large-scale projects like international conferences, training, and seminars, and organizing company outings and social activities.
Michal is a mother of four, and has a BA in business administration and a degree in law. Being the true wonder woman that she is, she is also a certified triathlete who has run, cycled, and swam all over the world, including in quite a few capital cities, always with a smile on her face and dressed in the finest sports fashion.

Itamar Ronen, Adv.


Itamar Ronen is the guy who always has both feet on the ground. He is the beating heart of Robus and is responsible for company management and development.

Over the past years, he has built up the company and led it in diverse directions so that it can provide holistic solutions for law firms. These solutions range from marketing, business development, and financial processes at the firms, to significant mergers and groundbreaking initiatives in the legal sector.

Over the years, Itamar has accumulated the unique skills necessary to support complex processes in law firms and to lead business and strategic initiatives.

Today, the company is a role model for entrepreneurship in the law firm sector and for the execution of marketing processes, business development, and mergers between law and accounting firms.

Itamar began his career as a security advisor to foreign militaries before he graduated from university. He then completed his internship at a commercial litigation firm and served as a business consultant at a leading investment banking company.

Itamar has a double degree in law and business management (LLB and BA) from Reichman University. He is a member of the Israel Bar Association and lectures regularly for in-service training programs offered by the Bar Association to provide continuing education for lawyers in Israel.

His extreme hobbies include boating, skiing, basketball, squash, and tennis, and he never misses an opportunity to hike and sightsee in Israel and abroad.

Itamar lives in Tel Aviv, is married, and has a son.

Zohar Fisher, Adv.


Does the legal world sound dry and boring? Not if you ask Zohar Fisher, founder of Robus. The beauty of this field is clearly in the eye of the beholder.

Zohar has an LLB and a BA in governance from Reichman University, and an executive MA in political sciences from the Program for Public and Political Leadership at Tel Aviv University. In addition to his impressive academic education, he is also a certified copywriter and screenwriter (and a bartender too, but we’ll talk about that another time…).

Combining the legal world with the field of advertising and marketing has taken Zohar on a unique career path since the early 2000s, when he was working as a business development director (the first person in Israel to ever be given this title) for one of the largest law firms in Israel. In this capacity, he fell in love with the world of legal marketing and has done everything in his ability to become an expert in the field and incorporate it into the legal sector in Israel.

Zohar founded Robus in 2010 and since then, has guided enough reorganization, branding, and marketing processes to justify his reputation as the leading consultant for law firms in Israel. Anyone who has worked with him before can testify to his unique ability to be brutally honest, but pleasant and compassionate at the same time.

In addition to his work at Robus, Zohar is the founder of Legal Marketing Israel, a representative of the Israel Bar Association at the U.S. Bar Association, chair of the Israel Bar Association’s international in-service training unit, and member of the boards of various companies.

As Zohar develops his legal marketing expertise and gives his popular lectures on this topic, he continues to expand Robus’ professional fields of expertise to include mergers, legal tech, accounting, international collaborations, and more.

Zohar is a popular speaker on topics related to his fields of expertise, and lectures in Israel and around the world on legal tech. legal marketing, strategy, business development, and more.

שירה קוריס-ורניק

ראש מחלקת דירוגים – Bold! Rankings

שירה קוריס-ורניק היא ראש מחלקת דירוגים בחברת רובוס – Bold! Rankings.

כאחראית פרקטיקת הדירוגים בחברת רובוס, תחת המותג Bold! Rankings, שירה מלווה לקוחות בהליך הכנת הגשות לדירוגים מקומיים ובין לאומיים. מלווה את הלקוחות בתהליך החשיבה על מה נדרש להדגיש ולציין בהכנת ההגשה ובכתיבה ועריכה של החומרים תוך כדי שימוש בידע והכרות מעמיקה את הדקויות בכל מדריך ומדריך ובגישה הישגית מכוונת מטרה, על מנת להביא את לקוחות המשרד להצלחה מירבית בדירוגים.

שירה הצטרפה לרובוס ביולי 2020 ומביאה עימה נסיון של מעל חמש עשרה שנה בתחום השיווק בכלל ובהגשת דירוגים בפרט. שירה שימשה כאחראית על שיווק ופיתוח עסקי במשרדי קניין רוחני מובילים – קבוצת ריינהולד כהן וקבוצת ארליך ועל כן מכירה מקרוב את הקשיים הכרוכים בכך. עם המומחיות בתחום הקניין הרוחני, שירה ממשיכה כיום לספק שירותי שיווק ופיתוח עסקי פרטני למשרדי קניין רוחני ונותני שירותי של הסקטור, לצד פרקטיקת הדירוגים.

לשירה ניסיון רב במגוון פעילויות השיווק המשפטי הכולל הכנת אסטרטגיה והפקה בפועל של כנסים בארץ ובחו”ל, תקשורת שיווקית, הכנת חומרי שיווק (אתר, פרופיל, תערוכות וכו’), כתיבת תוכן שיווקי (storytelling) ותחזוקת רשתות חברתיות, יחסי ציבור, בניית מיצוב אישי ומשרדי, סיוע במאמצי מכירה כולל טרגוט לקוחות ותחזוקתם.

שירה גדלה בקנדה (הוריה היו שליחים של האונ’ העברית בירושלים) ודוברת עברית ואנגלית ברמת שפת אם. שירה בעלת תואר ראשון במדע המדינה מאוניברסיטת תל-אביב, ולימודי כתיבת תוכן לרשתות הדיגיטליות ממכללת “דיגיטאלנט”. את שירותה הצבאי עשתה ביחידת 8200 של חיל המודיעין.

Tali Calderon, Adv

Business development manager and head of legal marketing

Over the past five years, Tali has managed client portfolios and served as a legal marketing consultant. In 2021, she was appointed head of business development and of legal marketing in the company.

Tali has vast experience working with law and accounting firms and providing consultations on diverse issues related to marketing and business development (including developing strategies and the actions needed to achieve them). She advises lawyers and many different partners on both marketing and business challenges they face. Tali believes that growth and success can be achieved with consistency, persistence, and working in an organized fashion based on a strategy that distinguishes one firm from its competitors.

Tali has been a certified lawyer since 2012 and interned at the rural real estate department at Epstein, Knoller, Chomsky, Osnat, Gilat, Tenenboim & Co.

Tali graduated Reichman University and has a double degree in law (LL.B) and business administration (BA). She also has digital marketing certification from Open University.

Tali has vast experience in marketing, business development, and sales made by hi-tech and marketing companies.

Her hobbies include shopping for clothes and shoes, and she works out at least four times a week.

Tali served in various roles in the IDF elite intelligence unit 8200, including as a trainer. She was born in 1985 and lives in Netanya.

Noam Zadok, CPA and Adv.

Founding partner of the Roboost Financial Department

Have you ever wondered how Robus specializes in so many fields, spanning the entire legal world?
Noam, CPA and Adv., has a BA in Business Management from Ben-Gurion University, a BA in Accounting from Tel Aviv University, and an LL.B from Ono Academic College.

Noam is much more than an acclaimed accountant and lawyer; he is also a certified information systems auditor (CISA) and specializes in system analysis and economic consultancy for complex IT projects.

Noam supports our clients as they navigate complex mergers and acquisitions, and guides them assuredly through complex enterprise value assessments, defining merger relationships between firms, financial analyses and tasks involving advanced BI systems, and more. Noam is a mediator with certification from the Israel Bar Association and specializes in the unique field of providing expert opinions on complex court cases that require extensive accounting and economic knowledge and expertise, and more specifically, an understanding of information systems and the ability to analyze information from large databases and identify and quantify the plaintiffs in class action cases.

With a resume like his and years of providing financial and accounting support for dozens of projects for public and private entities, it was only natural for Noam to establish Roboost, our financial department. Over the past years, Roboost has been guiding law firms through complex streamlining, merger, growth, expansion, and other projects.

Becky Laufer Shechter, Adv.

Client Portfolio Manager

Becky Laufer is a mediator and certified attorney in Israel (since 2018). At Robus she advises both local and international law firms on marketing, branding, and business development processes and is the point of contact for the commercial law firms that work with us.

Becky has an LL.B from Bar Ilan University, and upon completing her degree focused on corporate and commercial law during her internship. After completing her internship, she was hired by Herzog Fox & Neeman, Israel’s largest law firm, where she worked in the labor law department and provided legal guidance for international and local companies.

Becky moved to Israel in high school and is fluent in Hebrew and English. She describes herself as an avid lover of languages, and therefore it should not come as a surprise that during her army service in the Education Corps, she taught Hebrew to new immigrants.

When Becky isn’t in the office, she is probably baking something in the kitchen or enjoying time with her family.

Hili Shapiro, Adv

Client Portfolio Manager

Adv. Hili Shapiro advises Robus’ clients in a variety of marketing, branding, and business development programs, focusing on social media management, content writing, website building, marketing budget development, managing branding procedures, planning professional conferences, and more.

Hili holds a bachelor’s degree in law (LL.B.) with honors, and a bachelor’s degree in business administration (B.A.) majoring in marketing, both from Reichman University (IDC Herzliya).

After her internship specializing in hi-tech law at a leading boutique firm in the field, Hili realized she wanted to bring out both her love for law and marketing and leverage her knowledge from the law field to deliver her clients added value as both a lawyer and a marketing expert.

Hili has vast experience as a community manager and really stands out both “on” line and “off”. She strongly believes in the power of community.

Hili is a space geek, and has held several roles in the “Beresheet” spacecraft mission and SpaceIL journey to the moon, and volunteers in space education communities. She is always happy to talk about space or Star Wars.

In her free time, Hili loves to draw, paint, write, volunteer, read, arts and crafts, and watch movies.

Hadar Abo, Adv.

Client Portfolio Manager

As Client Manager at Robus, Hadar’s job is to manage diverse marketing, branding, and business development programs, with an emphasis on social media management, developing marketing budgets, managing branding processes, building websites, content writing, planning professional conferences, and more.

Hadar is a woman of words who found herself in the legal business, or a seasoned lawyer who found herself in the writing business, depending on who you ask 😊

She is originally from northern Israel and grew up on the Sea of Galilee. She completed a double degree in law (LL.B) and communications (BA) at Haifa University and interned in the litigation department at Fischer & Co. (FBC). She even found time to study screenwriting at Open University.

When she’s not working, Hadar enjoys spending time with friends, writing short stories and culture articles, and going onstage with her favorite hobby – spoken word poetry that she writes about life itself.

To make a long story short, with her dedication, creativity, and vibrance, every firm is happy to work with her.

Shaked Attal

Legal Marketing Consultant

Shaked faithfully advises the firm’s clients in the fields of marketing, branding and business development.

In his work, he prioritizes the client above all and strives to give his full attention to even the smallest details, while thinking outside the box and finding practical solutions.

Shaked comes with a young and innovative point of view, which contributes a lot to the process, especially in managing digital and social networks.
Shaked is a third-year law student (L.L.B). He did his military service in the Nahal Brigade, which he keeps a place in his heart to this day.
In his spare time, he loves to be in the kitchen (“chef” dishes are his claim to fame), and he enjoys running with “Progressive Full Volume”.