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Tech & Law (Israel)

Imagine traveling back in time about 100 years and asking any given lawyer to draft you a contract.

Now imagine doing the same thing in today.

Is it possible that the only thing that has changed in 100 years is that the contract is written on a computer instead of a typewriter?

Has nothing changed in our field in all that time?

Several years behind the hi-tech, finance, and commerce sectors, the legal sector has finally started utilizing cutting-edge technology to change the way it works. Legal Tech is a new and wonderful world of technological tools and automation systems designed to help lawyers work faster, more efficiently, and more accurately. It creates a new reality that everyone can benefit from.

Tech & Law (Israel) is the Robus legal tech department. It was established in 2015, making it the most long-standing, leading department in Israel in its field.

Over the past seven years, Tech & Law (Israel) has been working tirelessly to share these new developments with the entire Israeli legal sector by offering lectures, creating content, and organizing seminars and conferences (including the department’s flagship event – the Annual Israel Legal Tech Conference). The department has been acknowledged several times as one of the most innovative and unique entities in the world of legal tech and is proud to represent Israel in the European Legal Tech Association (ELTA).

One step at a time: What our LegalTech Department can do for you

  1. Consultancy and assistance with legal tech initiatives at various stages of development, with an emphasis on defining needs, marketing initiatives, and developing them from a business perspective.
  2. Forming ties with law firms in Israel and abroad to become a POC for legal tech companies.
  3. Supporting capital-raising initiatives from funds, angels, etc. for legal tech companies.
  4. Helping Israeli law firms find the technological flaws on their production floors and integrate technological systems designed to save time and increase profits.

Please visit us at the TechLaw website and on social media: