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The race to the merger

Allen & Overy’s proposed merger with Shearman & Sterling is taking the legal world by storm, putting immense pressure on top global law firms. This $3.4 billion merger has signaled to law firms around the globe that in order to stay competitive and be the best, they must consider merging.

The Future of In-House Lawyers: Bleak or Just Beginning?

In-house lawyers – once taking the industry by storm – are now seeing their roles change before their eyes. The future seems somewhat bleak for in-house counsel who just want to stay “lawyers.” Now, they will have to do so much more to remain on top.

Working from Home in the Legal Sector: New Culture or Just a Phase?

No matter what country you live in, the spring of 2020 was likely not a year you remember fondly. Instead of seeing bright, smiling faces, we saw masks everywhere. Walking outside for fresh air soon became a treat. Some of us were bedridden while others were stuck at their makeshift desks simultaneously entertaining three kids.

Thinking about Leaving the legal profession… Now What?

It would be an understatement to say that a career in law is a difficult one. The hours are long, pressure is high, and the work is not always what one expects. The life of a typical lawyer in a big law firm is exhausting and honestly, sometimes boring.