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Robus foreign lawyers’ conference on the “International Business Development” ‎blog

John GrimleyIsrael’s first foreign law firms conference held on last June was covered by number of foreign magazines and blogs

One of the large blogs is “International Business Development” blog, which brings news and updates on international business development, written by Mr. John Grimley

From the blog

“Significant change in the Israeli legal market.  Recently liberalized, the market has attracted interest from foreign law firms from Europe, the United States and China.  Indeed, just recently Chinese law firm Yingke entered the Israeli legal market via forging an alliance with a local law firm

Last month, the Tel Aviv and Central District of Israel Bar Association held a conference composed of prominent members of the Israel Bar and representatives of prestigious overseas law firms with an interest in the market – to discuss recent developments in the continuing roll-out of the liberalization of the legal market by Zohar Fisher of Robus Legal Marketing – the conference continues the close monitoring of the changes in Israeli legislation that enabled foreign law firms to branch out to Israel – and the market implications for domestic and overseas law firms alike

A “raft of foreign firms” set their sights on Israel- as Joshua Freedman reported in The Lawyer last year: “Linklaters, DLA Piper and US firm Zeichner Ellman & Krause (ZEK) are among a raft of foreign firms setting their sights on Israel in response to the liberalisation of its legal market earlier this year and a potential upturn in M&A in the country

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