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Writing marketing content

Lawyers love words but use them in an entirely different way from the rest of the world.
People in the legal profession know that they must write (very) lengthy documents to explain exactly what they mean and to make sure there is no ambiguity whatsoever. But in the world of marketing, the rules of the game are completely different. The rule of thumb in marketing is “less is more”!
Think about it – your clients, like everyone else, spend hours in front of a computer. They scroll through their never-ending social media feeds and are exposed to dozens, if not hundreds, of marketing messages every day. In a world like that, each advertiser has very few opportunities to grab the reader’s attention.
Just as a legal mindset is needed to draft a convincing argument, a marketing mindset is crucial for drafting marketing content that says exactly what you want it to say and reflects the unique added value your firm has to offer that is unlike other competing law firms.

So where do we come in?

The marketing content writers at Robus are like jugglers who can keep multiple balls in the air. Their legal training gives them a profound understanding of the subject matter, and they combine that with their business expertise to determine and define your specific target audience and draft the perfect marketing messages that are clear but fun and exciting to read.

It’s true that the legal sector is crowded and competitive. The firms all speak the same language and their mantras are basically the same. But your firm has a unique message to share with the world over every possible platform, and the wordsmiths at Robus are just the people to help you find the right words to explain exactly what makes your firm unique.

High-quality marketing content for law firms must include:

  • Clear, specific texts that distinguish you from your competitors and lay the foundations for communication with your potential clients.
  • Texts that touch your readers and inspire potential clients to trust your firm and the services you offer.
  • A convincing style that helps potential clients understand that your firm is their best choice.
  • Storytelling, but to a limit. Effective writing leaves readers with a taste for more, without overdoing it.