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Robus was chosen as Legal Marketing Consultants of the Year – Israel by the ‎financial magazine of Corporate LiveWire

We are proud to update the in the framework of the year summary volume of the financial magazine of Corporate LiveWire, our company – Robus – was mentioned in the magazine’s rankings of Global Awards 2013

Our company was chosen as Israel’s leading legal marketing office, and ranked: Robus – Legal Marketing Consultants of the year – Israel

Robus Corporate Live Wire

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Foreign law firms enter Israel – are you among them

Just recently, foreign lawyers and law firms have received formal permission to provide legal services, to operate and to collaborate in Israel

An overlook on the Israeli legal market will show that this relatively small country holds a worldwide record- the highest amount of lawyers per capita. Opening the market to foreign law firms may increase the already high competition in the legal market, but it may also add new exciting opportunities. The fierce competition in the Israeli legal market created an increased need for law firm marketing

Corporate Wire - Robus legal marketing

About our company – Robus

As Israel’s leading legal marketing consultants, we at Robus see our outbound services to foreign law firms as part of our business’s DNA.

Representing a full spectrum of Israeli law firms, from boutique to Israel’s largest law firms, Robus is a valuable strategic partner for foreign law firms asking to obtain a foothold in Israel.

Robus consult many foreign law firms, among others – US law firms, European law firms from the UK, Germany, France and east Europe, all asking to provide legal services in Israel.

With a team of native English speaking jurists and lawyers, rich business experience and in-depth acquaintance with the Israeli legal market, Robus is the perfect starting point from which your law firm can set sail for new opportunities in Israel

Founder of Robus, Adv. Zohar Fisher is a vastly experienced strategic and business advisor, and a commercial lawyer who has been practicing Legal Marketing for many years, inter alia, as the business development manager of one of the leading and largest Israeli law firms


A) Using our broad professional network, we will assist your law firm in establishing its activity in Israel

B) We offer a broad exposure and acquaintance to the Israeli market through varied conferences, seminars, commercial and academic platforms and events

C) Mergers with Israeli law firms our office specializes in both local and cross-border mergers and cooperation between domestic and foreign law firms. Locating an Israeli law firm which best suits your firm, and spearhead the merger process until its successful completion

D) Well experienced in promoting a wide range of innovative cross-border business initiatives in cooperation with varied domestic elements

E) Orchestrate the implementation of your Israeli project and provide valuable business information, including setting up a high standard internet website and firm profile to match the initiative

F) We offer direct access to the Israeli media to support your commercial interests in Israel

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