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Social Media

If you’re not there, you’re practically invisible

If the year was 2015, we’d be yelling these words in your ears. But while this is still true today, we now understand that the role of social media is a bit more complicated than that. Today, we believe it is more accurate to say that if you want a social media presence, you have to do it right.
Effective use of social media enables law firms to create high-quality content that can go viral overnight and be seen by thousands of people, including potential clients who will be impressed by your prestige.
But there’s more to social media than just that.
Over the past few years, social media has become an important tool for employer branding. As you probably know, this has become a popular buzzword, not only in the hi-tech industry.
Law firms that discovered the importance of employer branding have benefited not only from a larger client base, but also from high demand from potential interns interested in joining the incredible law firm they keep reading about online.
It may sound simple, but effective use of social media is a skill that doesn’t come naturally to most lawyers.

That's where we come in

The social media team at Robus knows all there is to know about the latest trends online. Over the past decade, it has helped law firms navigate the labyrinth that social media can be. We’ll start by learning all about your firm, understanding your DNA and the values that guide you, and unraveling the business challenges you are coping with. The next step will be to develop a customized social media strategy for your firm. We’ll decide which social media platforms to focus on, and then create customizes, diverse content that would put a dramatic episode of Suits (or Ally McBeal or The Practice, depending on the decade in which you were born…) to shame.