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Placement of marketing and business development managers

You’ve set up your dream office with the perfect partners; you’ve hired the most motivated and talented people out there; and your skilled administrators are making sure everything runs like clockwork. You found great office space that is centrally

located, and invested in interior design and a fancy coffee maker.

But wait… what about clients?

In the last decade or two, leading firms in Israel and around the world have been hiring marketing and business development managers.

This trend has gained momentum over the years, and now, as the legal market in Israel has become more crowded and competitive than ever before, legal firms simply can’t survive without hiring a professional to manage marketing and business development for them.

Let us do the job for you

At Robus, we understand the tendency to put your firm’s marketing and business development needs at the bottom of your priority list and to postpone them for when “things calm down”. But to be honest, we all know that never happens in law firms.

In a world in which no one likes to deal with marketing, we’re happy to step in and offer you two important marketing and business development services:

  1. End-to-end legal marketing services that guarantee that everyone in your group of potential clients hears about your firm.
  2. Recruiting an in-house business development manager for your firm. Over the past few years, we have helped place dozens of employees in key marketing positions in law firms. Thanks to our connections within the legal community and our in-depth familiarity with the marketing sector and what it takes to work in the field, we can work efficiently and effectively to help our clients find exactly what they are looking for.