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You are who your clients are

One of the most important decisions a firm has to make to become a significant player in the market for the long term is which potential clients it wants to target. Once you pinpoint your target audience, you can identify the traits they have in common and develop a marketing strategy accordingly.

The best kind of collaborators

Building collaborations is one of the most important tools in the Robus toolkit. The idea is simple. We’ll help you increase your pool of potential clients by creating opportunities for collaborations with other businesses. The goal is to make your target audience aware of the value your firm has to offer, and one way of achieving that goal is by creating visibility that crosses business sectors.

We use the extensive network we have developed over the years to reach leading officials in the Israeli economy, including the Israel Bar Association, ACC Israel, ICPAS, media, and PR companies, executives, consultants, and more. Our ability to utilize this network, combined with our experience in business and entrepreneurship, is all we need to launch and advance cutting-edge projects that can benefit our clients and the Israeli business ecosystem.

The bottom line is that collaborations are a tool that can support your marketing strategy by maximizing the business potential of your firm. That way, your clients will benefit from your valuable legal experience and from the ability to connect with diverse economic policymakers.