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Lectures, conferences, and seminars on marketing and business development

You don’t expect your gardener to fix your plumbing, or your mechanic to be a mortgage consultant, so why should lawyers and accountants be expected to be experts in marketing and business?
In today’s business world, it is clear that marketing and business development are skills that lawyers and accountants need in order to help their firms grow and thrive.
You might be wondering when you’re supposed to find time to study a new field. That’s exactly what we’re here for.
Over the past years, Robus has offered lectures, conferences, and seminars on marketing and business development.

Our goal is to help as many lawyers and accountants as possible to expand their knowledge in these fields.

During our events, you’ll hear lectures by leading figures in the field from local and international firms who know how to pinpoint your firm’s specific marketing and business needs and to help you understand exactly what needs to be done to maximize your business potential, develop professional collaborations, and create new business and marketing opportunities.

In addition to the professional value of our events, they are also an opportunity for you and your employees to do something different, enjoy a welcome break from routine, get to know each other and your colleagues better, and socialize and network over snacks and drinks.