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Israel’s first foreign attorneys’ conference gains international attention

Israel’s first foreign law firm and foreign attorneys’ conference continue to gain international attention

The international blog of- “International Business Development” (Link) published an article dealing with the upcoming conference (June 27th)

Among others, the blog covered the entrance of the Chinese law firm Yingke, which recently entered the Israeli legal market by merging with the Israeli boutique law firm Eyal Khayat Zolty, Neiger & Co

Our office was interviewed in the article: Zohar Fisher, CEO of Robus Legal Marketing will be the Academic Organizer and Moderator for the event. Zohar told me that

global lawyers israelIf there was a doubt about the influence of the foreign attorneys reform in Israel (allowing foreign law firms to open offices and actively represent in Israel) – this conference and the massive participation of foreign law firms from around the world, show that this reform has the ability to change and regulate the Israeli legal sector. More than 20 (!) foreign law firms, from the US, Germany, South America, France, UK, international law firms and others will participate

The full article can be viewed here. We wish to thank Mr. John Grimley – head editor of “International Business Development” blog for his ongoing coverage and interest in the Israeli legal sector



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