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How to Write a Good Post on Social Media

Social media is everywhere we turn our heads these days. Almost every business has a social media manager because it is a crucial form of marketing.

Unfortunately, we consume so much content every day that good social media posts are often rare and overlooked. Writing a good social media post is much harder than it seems, every legal marketing expert will tell you. There are many components to writing an excellent social media post, so… here is a manual to help you navigate the world of social media. 

Know Your Audience

The key to a great social media post is to know precisely who you are communicating with. That is rule number one in the world of communications: know your target audience. Being able to communicate with the exact group you want to read your message and connect to your message is the only way your post will be effective.

Do Your Research

Before putting anything on the Internet, it is so important to check your facts. Everyone should value their validity, credibility, and reliability – which you can only do if you communicate facts. Doing your research and checking various resources and references on the topic you are posting about is essential to any good social media post. Too often, misinformation is communicated to a mass audience, making it dangerous to spread wrong information.

Make the Purpose Clear

Having a clear message and purpose for a post makes things easier for you and the person interacting with your social media. Keeping the intentions and purpose of a post evident and deliberate will make your posts more attractive to interact with. Audience members value when people make their lives easier, so being transparent and purposeful will be helpful for engagement. 

Speak in Your Brand’s Language

Social media posts will always be applauded when the language used aligns with the rest of the brand. Speaking in your brand’s unique voice will make social media posts reliable and fun to interact with. A strong brand should be seen in all mediums, including the language being used for a caption, graphic, and comments with your audience.

Always Be Positive

There is so much harmful content all over the internet that social media channels have become a dark place to go to. Keeping positivity and optimism will make your audience appreciate your posts and probably engage with even more content being produced from the account because it made them feel good. Keeping positivity within content, language, and messages will make your social media posts a great place to land. 

Keep Things Clean and Simple

Social media is filled with tons of clutter, and standing out can be very hard in the digital age. Keeping things clean, simple, and slick will make your posts easier to interact with because they are more accessible for the audience to view and understand.

Social media is meant to make everything more concise and straightforward, and that should be applied to everything in your post. 

Use Graphics to Help Follow Along

Being able to follow graphics and information helps a broader audience process the message you are communicating just a little more easily. In addition, creating graphics that align with the brand and the message will make a solid social media post because your content will look cohesive and catch someone’s eye. 

Don’t Be Scared to Add Personality

Social media is such a great platform because it is a place where brands that may not seem approachable in the “real world” can show their personality and flair through social media. Adding humor, using a relatable voice, and producing content that is true to the brand will show so much personality to your audience.

Rely on Analytics for Strong Traffic

Social media has reached a new level with the amount of technology and research that goes into it. For example, data analytics for social media can tell you precisely what time to schedule your posts, so it receives the most traffic and engagement. Relying on the facts and the data will ultimately lead to more views and more attention to your social media post. Remember, timing is everything. 

Be Authentic

It is effortless to read through people, and the target audience is hard to fool. Being authentic and 100% true to the brand will be appreciated in the long run and create loyalty between the audience and the account. Being authentic and genuine will always lead to more substantial results, so it is vital to stick to who you are!

Bottom line – With these legal marketing tips and tricks, it will be pretty simple to make an excellent social media post that doesn’t get lost in the clutter. In addition, your brand’s social accounts will thrive and prosper by adding some strategy and personality, making the marketing side a little easier.

Noa Siskind is an incoming fourth-year undergraduate student at the University of Tennessee. She is interning with Robus through a two-month intensive Masa abroad program. She is studying public relations with a minor in business administration and plans to attend law school in the near future. Noa has spent her time at Robus learning about the legal tech industry and hopes to apply this knowledge to a future law career in the US.

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