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The Global Competition Review (GCR) 2016

The Global Competition Review (GCR) annually publishes an annual ranking of law firms in the antitrust field. The field of antitrust is extensive and varied, with broad ramifications for industries, branches, and entire sectors in any advanced economy. As have done annually, also this year representatives collected updated and relevant information on the activities of various law firms in the field, and based on implementing methodologies and both a quantitative and qualitative analysis the firms were ranked into three main categories.

Below you’ll find the GCR 100 Ranking for 2016:

First Ranking Level: “Elite” Category


AGMON & CO ROSENBERG HACOHEN & CO: This prominent firm has kept its place in the same tier as the previous year. The guide gives credit to co-founder of the firm, Zvi Agmon, Adv., is regarded by the guide this year as well as outstanding and a leader of his field, who these days leads the activities of the firm on his own following the departure of Mattan Meridor, Adv.. Amongst the activities of the firm, the guidance and representation of oil well and gas field company Noble Energy and its partnership with the Leviathon reservoir – the Delek group in a complex economic conflict against the government of Israel.

In addition, the guide reports on the guidance and regulatory representation that the firm offers to prominent and leading companies in the Israeli Economy, such as Cellcom, Melisrom, and Arad regarding regulations, contracts, and more.

FISCHER BEHAR CHEN WELL ORION & CO: An additional firm ranked in the first tier. The firm represents a variety of procedures related to the antitrust field for various notable and leading firms in the Israeli economy, especially in regards to gas fields and oil wells and the regulatory issues that arise regarding these significant economic issues. With the largest department in Israel (!), the practice in question, includes 4 partners and 11 associate lawyers.

The guide also states that the firm represents the largest technological group in Israel (Bezeq), Israel Discount Bank, Google, and Waze for various antitrust issues and in various courts.

TADMOR & CO YUVAL LEVY & CO: The guide states that four partners in the antitrust department of the firm were formerly executives at Israel’s Antitrust Authority(!), and advantage this presents to the firm in relevance to this practice. The guide regards the partners David Tadmor, Shai Bakal, Nava Karavany, Ittai Paldor and Doron Kilshtein and their contributions to the firm.

The guide shares that the firm, which has stayed in the same tier as 2015, specializes in cross-border transactions. This past year had represented the global Dell company on its acquisition of EMC, and Holmes Place chain in its purchase of Great Shape. Amongst the clients of the firm, the guide chose to share the large worldwide Siemens corporation, Leumi Card, Nestlé, and Osem.

WEINSTOCK-ZECLER & CO: The firm has stayed in the top tier of the guide once again. This time around as well, the guide focuses on crediting the firm for its expertise regarding criminal and administrative complex litigation work in Israel… The guide specially credits partners Niv Zecler, Eran Zach, and Ofer Argov who manage the firm, and its five associates.

Amongst the procedures brought to be handled by the firm, the firm represented the Strauss group against the Cadbury company, as well as the Cal Israel Credit Cards company in a class action suit, E & M Computing, Amisragas, and Angel Bakeries in the Antitrust Authority investigations.

Second Ranking Level: “Highly Recommended” Category

  • FIRON & CO. > New to the ranking level

FIRON & CO.: New to the second tier of the guide(!), is one of the country’s largest and well known law firms in Israel. The antitrust activity of the firm grew significantly due to Eytan Epstein bringing a respectable amount of lawyer who deal with the practice to the firm.

The guide points out that both Sanofi and the Israel Electric Company moved with Epstein to for the treatment and representation of the firm. In addition, the firm is advising the global Toshiba company in a class action filed against them, the MasterCard company in an incident regarding an inspection by the Antitrust Authority, and more and more clients from a variety of industries and branches.

MEITAR LIQUORNIK GEVA LESHEM TAL: The leave of advocate Michal Halperin, to receive the position of Head of the Antitrust Authority, paved the way for advocate Niva Barg Livnat to the head of the department. The guide states that the firm, that is in the second ranking group this year as well, has much experience with guiding innovative high-tech companies, and are trailblazing in the stages of research and development. The guide points out that the firm sees itself as the market leader on regarding the interface between intellectual property, competition law, and antitrust.

The guide recognizes Pfizer, a major client which the firm has represented in two complex mergers and acquisitions deals including with Allergan and. The firm also represents Yenot Bitan in its offer for Mega. Additionally, the firm represents Philip Morris International in a class action lawsuit alleging abuse of the company’s monopoly power.

HOROWITZ & CO.: An additional large well-known company that is among the guide’s second-tier group is S. Horowitz & Co.. The firm deals with the practice of antitrust law since its founding, and thus is considered a veteran of this field. The antitrust department, defined by the guide as compact and talented, is led by Hagai Doron alongside partners and advocates Pnina Sheffer, Asaf Rentsler, and recently promoted Glilit Levin-Grinberg.

The firm excels in particular in advising and representing in mergers and acquisitions deals, and among the many deals it had represented Medtronic in a tie-up with Covidien, advised Koch industries in its purchase of Guardian Industries, advised Teva in its acquisition of Allergan, and more. The firm’s many clients include manufacturers of luxury brands in the global automotive industry including Porsche, Volkswagen, Jaguar, Land Rover, Aston Martin and more. The firm also represents the Israel Electric Company and the International Air Transport Association against Israel’s Antitrust Authority in a variety of proceedings.

Third Rating Level: “Recommended” Category


ESHEL ASHLAGI ROZENT LAW OFFICES: The antitrust department of the first is led by Gal Rozent. The department represents the Israel Electric Corporation in cartel damages against marketers. The firm also represents the Israel Association of Travel Agencies against several major airlines in Israel and abroad.

HERZOG FOX & NEEMAN: The firm was ranked in the third tier group, and is becoming a senior player on the local antitrust front. Following the leave of advocate Boaz Golan, advocate Talya Solomon is leading the department alongside senior associate advocate Iris Achmon. The firm represents the Israel Electric Company regarding various issues, as well as ChemChina and Adama in a merger with the Syngenta company and many more.

LAPIDOT MELCHIOR ABRAMOVICH & CO.: The guide states that the (comparatively) small Jerusealem-based firm, continues to keep its spot in the rankings this year as well. The department, led by advocate D. Ziv Abramovich, has in mergers and acquisitions matters this year, such as with the Cellcom company in its acquisition of Home Cellular. The firm also advises and represents many other bodies such as Tempo, a soft drink company, a meteorology company, and other high-profile matters.

YIGAL ARNON & CO.: The guide credits advocate Ronit Amir Yaniv for leading the activity of the company regarding this field. The firm is regarded as a significant leader in this practice in regard to its size, and had taken part in numerous respectable proceedings in 2016. The firm represents various companies such as Metzerplas, Palgal Plastic Industries, FedEx, TNT Express, as well as public companies and government bodies such as Minrav Group, Ashdod Port Company, El Al, the Israel Postal Company, and more.

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