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Cooperation between Robus and

We are happy to update about a formal cooperation between the Robus consulting group, and the unique innovative website and online magazine of (link).

As an Israeli based company – coming from the Startup-Nation – it’s only natural for us to collaborate with a platform focuses on startups and technology, while we bring the legal aspects, among others – legal tech, legal outsourcing, legal operations (legal ops), legal marketing and so forth.

We are happy to bring an interview with the founder of StartupsTips – Mr. Javier Nieto León, who have studied computer engineering, and most of his experience has been developing international markets for Cybersecurity Startups from scratch. He has been working with Cybersecurity Startups for over 5 years.

Why did you create

One year ago, I decided to make my own way. I started as a freelancer consultor helping with Business Development, Sales and Marketing Consulting and sharing the most common mistakes that I have experienced myself. These mistakes weren’t unique, thus started as a blog consulting.

A few months later, I have realized that there was a market gap on my customers and the majority of Tech Startups. They needed an online magazine and PR to help them to share their vision and their “why” behind the creation of their Tech Startup. Founders who share their mission to their customers engage more than to share “I have the best company”. That’s why I have created and I pivoted the website to a PR Magazine.

After a few months, has over 2,600 followers on the Social and newsletter subscribers. On our mission to help Tech Startups to go global, I understand how hard is to find talents in such a competitive environment. Thus, we also help you to scale up your Tech Startup by promoting Startup Jobs in order to find your correct team.

What makes different?

On our mission to help to go Global, we connect Tech Startups lovers, investors, and technology lovers in a single web. We speak not only about why they created their Tech Startup, but we also share new features, expansions to new territories, investments and other news related to Tech Startups.

About the Cooperation with Robus Consulting

I am very happy to cooperate with Robus Consulting. Their articles are very useful to explain the Legal Tech Startup Ecosystem in Israel and around the world as well as how technology has changed the law environment.

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