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Opening your own firm

Being your own boss is one of the most popular (and accurate…) clichés in the world of freelance businesses.
Most of the lawyers we know dream of tearing down the barriers and opening their own firms. There are so many fantasies along the way. Some of the more popular ones are that you’ll finally define your own schedule and that you’ll work less and earn more; and others are inspired by egoistic, power-hungry images of joyfully announcing “you’re all fired!”.
From a technical perspective, opening a law firm is quite simple these days. However, managing a law firm is an entirely different story and much more complicated than you can imagine. Being an excellent, professional legal expert is one thing, but making a firm succeed and thrive is quite a challenge. Your likelihood of success depends on what we call your hustling skills. These include sales and marketing capabilities, a sharp sense for business, financing abilities, and lots of charisma.

Talk to us to find out how to develop the hustle skills you'll need

For over a decade, we have been helping lawyers make their dreams of opening a private law firm come true and guiding their hand in hand from the moment the idea forms in their minds until the firm becomes a reality. We help lawyers assess feasibility and profitability and define what distinguishes their business from all the others. We set goals, define a strategy, brand the firm, and create social media presence. After you open your new firm, our team will continue to help you build your business. Our business and marketing experience, creativity, connections, and market understanding can make all the difference for a new law firm just starting out in the field.

We’re not afraid of challenges. We know that it’s quite true that if you truly want something, you’ll make it happen. Times are difficult, but with hard work, persistence, and professional support and guidance, every lawyer can become a hustler with minimal losses and mistakes along the way.