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Career consultancy for lawyers

Did you know that one in every 128 Israelis is a lawyer?

Of course you do – and this unprecedented ratio is not just a news item, it’s something all lawyers encounter when grappling with complicated dilemmas about their careers.

Is there a chance I’ll become a partner at my firm? Do I even want to be a partner? When will I start earning more? What percentage should I be earning from the cases I bring in? Should I intern elsewhere? Should I open my own law firm?

Wait! Stop right there!

Take a deep breath and try to remember something that we often forget. The legal world is a fascinating and exciting one. It’s an action-packed business and there’s never a dull moment. You probably love what you do, because otherwise you wouldn’t have invested so many years in your studies and internship and put in all that hard work.

Now it's time to work together to plan for the future

Our team at Robus comprises people who are lawyers themselves. They understand the dilemmas, thoughts, deliberations, and doubts that are on your mind every day. We have worked with hundreds of lawyers, some who work for large firms and some who have firms of their own and helped them navigate some of the most important junctions in their careers. Our profound understanding of the field and the network of ties we have developed over the years give us a clear picture of all your options and help us assist you in defining your identity as a lawyer so that you can make the best decisions about your career.

If you ask yourself one or more of the questions above, and if you’re not completely sure about your professional path, contact us to schedule a discrete, face-to-face consultation meeting.