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The Israel Legal Marketing Association brings together professionals in a relatively “new” field in the Israeli market.

Business development managers have been ACTIVE in Israeli LAW FIRMS since 2006 in various forms, however, the field really expanded, and gained recognition in 2009, when the financial crisis caused law firms to realize the importance of their business development departments. The crisis caused many law firms to down-size and to recognize that it was important not only to invest in manpower within the firm, but also in branding, marketing, and advertising the firm, or in other words, law firms recognized the importance of the field of business development for law firms.

ILMA was formed with the purpose of promoting the field of legal marketing and with the understanding that the people working in this developing field require a professional forum to exchange ideas and to enable cooperation amongst the members. 

ILMA promotes the field of legal marketing through various means:

  • Promoting and maintaining high professional standards in the field
  • Promoting the field and articulating its importance in the legal profession
  • Promoting and establishing the importance of the field within the legal sector and public awareness
  • Forum for exchanging opinions and cooperation
  • Organizing continuing legal education forums
  • Organizing annual conferences in the field

ILMA is in touch with similar legal marketing organizations around the world and is a source of knowledge, professionals, resources, and international experience in the field– including contacts with leaders in the field from North America and Europe primarily. ILMA is a young organization that is open to cooperative projects, ideas, and initiatives in the legal marketing field and is working to expand and continue establishing the legal marketing field within Israel.

For more information, please visit ILMA’s homepage