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פעילותו של משרד ‏Robus‏ בתחום הפיתוח העסקי למשרדי עו”ד ישראלים וזרים סוקרה במגזין פיננסי זר – ‏Robus in ‎a foreign magazine: Sector spotlight

בגיליון אוגוסט 2012 של מגזין Acquisition International, רואיין משרד Robus כגוף ישראלי ייחודי הפועל בתחום המשיק בין תחום המשפט לבין התחום העסקי והפיתוח העסקי.

המגזין הבריטי הסוקר תחומי עיסוק ותעשייה סביב לעולם ופועל תחת הסלוגן- “The Voice of Corporate Finance” ביצע בגיליון אוגוסט האחרון סקירת רוחב של גופים שונים, ובין היתר סקר את משרדנו.

אנו שמחים וגאים על הבחירה, הראיון במלואו מובא מטה. קריאה מהנה.

Our office was interviewed in the August edition (2012) of the leading financial magazine Acquisition International. Our office was interviewed as unique Israeli factor acting in between the legal sector and the business development sector

The UK based magazine conducts cross-border surveys and reviews about different sectors and practice fields, and works under the slogan of- “The Voice of Corporate Finance”. In its Q2 mid-year review, it decided to cover our office

We are happy and proud about their choice; the full interview is quoted below

Acquisition International: Q2 Mid-Year Review

What are the key strengths of your team? Have you won any awards/accolades recently

Robus has vast knowledge and in-depth know-how about the Israeli legal sector, coming from years of working close toIsrael’s prominent law firms, partners and rainmakers

Robus practices in various business fields, and has a unique emphasize on Legal Marketing for law firms. We were recently chosen asIsrael’s best Legal Marketing Consultants by the financial magazine of Intercontinental Finance (2012)

Have there been any notable deals; (size, complexity, duration, etc.) that you’ve been involved in over the last quarter? How were you able to secure the role

A few recent eminent activities in our portfolio, among others, merger of two distinguished medium-size Israeli law firms, including new branding and marketing approach to the law firm, new website and legal guides representation, and financial advice with regard to the actual merger

What patterns and levels of transaction activity have you witnessed in your jurisdiction this quarter? How has Q2 2012 compared to Q2 2011

After a long period of thought, debates and uncertainty, it’s now a done deal- the Israeli Minister of Finance signs an order allowing foreign law firms to operate and collaborate inIsrael. Foreign lawyers and law firms are permitted to provide legal services regarding foreign law, yet will not be allowed to represent before Israeli courts

The approval removed barriers that prevented foreign lawyers from working inIsraeland permits collaboration between local and foreign law firms. Received with great interest among the Israeli legal milieu and local media, the new legislation is of great significance for both foreign law firms and independent foreign lawyers who consider branching out to new international markets and gaining access to an extremely vibrant business arena

Our team at Robus will be more than happy to consult, assist and provide relevant tools to foreign law firms, as well as individual lawyers, regarding entering the Israeli market and/or operating under the new amendment

What are the current priorities within your region

Robus offers services that are fundamentally needed for every law firm that seeks to maintain an excellent brand inIsrael’s tough legal competition. In a country which holds the largest ratio of lawyer per citizen, a competitive advantage for a successful law firm is crucial

What effects/challenges (if any) has your firm experienced due to the Euro-zone crisis

In today’s competitive legal market, law firms are required to use wide range of skills beyond the traditional tools

Robus is an Israeli legal marketing and consulting services company, providing strategic advice and business development solutions

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